wheeling machine RL10


The new patented wheeling machine mod. RL10 is used both for the realization of designs on the shoesleather soles and for the covering of the grooves made on the sole, in order to hide the stitchings whichjoin it to the upper.It may be used, for similar purposes, on whichever material made of leather as for instance belts, strips,borders, parts of bags, suitcases, folders and so on.The most important innovation is performed by the presence of a HEATED ROLLING STOREFORTHE WHEELS (from 2 to more wheels) is the maximum quantity), unlike the normal wheeling machineswhich have a single working wheel. Usually, before every working, it is necessary to fit on themachine ther more suitable wheel.To be precise, it is necessary to unscrew the fixing means to take off the wheel.In order to avoid burns, the operator must wait for the cooling of the wheel, before removing it..Afterwards it is necessary to fit the wheel suitable to the new working and wait for the necessary time tothe heating of the just fitted wheel.These waits involve obviously times of non-use of the machine.The workings are usually applied to limited quantities of different series, consequently marked by frequentchanges of the wheels.The benefits are obvious :- The possibility to fit two or more wheels at the same time permits to avoid the standstills of the machine which are necessary for the replacement of the working wheels.- Elimination of the danger of accidental burns for the operator.- Besides, being the wheels always at a constant temperature, you will have less breakages due to fatigue for the continuous cooling and heating cycles necessary for the replacement.