Lockstitch sole sewing machine F 4000 SC

Two threads lockstitch sole sewing machine for shoes and half boots box soles, with normal or special for particular stitchor stitch surmounting the tip of the upper.

Designedly planned to meet the great industries requirements, the new two-thread stitching machinemod.F4000 SC it is suitable for the stitching (OPANKA) of box soles of shoes and closed ankle boots. The doublefeeding, foot and needle, ensures a constant lenght of stitch, even in the more difficult parts as the toecapand the heel of the shoe. The new type of horn (patented) permits the threading and the consequent stitchingof shoes in various shapes. Needle-holder bar electronically regulated (with stop in right position), presserfoot automatically regulated at the beginning and at the end of the stitching. The greatest easiness andsimplicity in the adjustements, the greatest mechanical accessibility and reduced maintenance