Lockstitch sole sewing machine F 10

Double thread sewing machine to lockstichbox soles of shoes and closed ankle boots.

F10 – High output rotary hook action stitching to sew up to12 pairs of shoes without changing the bobbin. Double feed-ing foot and needle ensure a constant lenght of stitch. Thehorizontally floating horn supports the hook, and has a spe-cial profile to make sewing around the toe and heel areaseasy, even on closed ankle boots. Electronic stitch by stitchmotor with variable speed drive and up and down position-ing of the needle. Pneumatic lifting of the foot machine. Veryeasily used by female operators. The machine may be sup-plied with a standard horn to stitch shoes from size 28-30 orwith a little horn to stitch shoes from size 18-19 (F10 P).
• The machine corresponds to CE NORMS.