Horn Blake with interchangeble parts

New cutting edge manufacturingTecnique for constructing arm(horn) for “Blake” sewingmachines that revolutioniseproduction costs and times forfootwear manufacturers ! Using this Process Falan cansupply its customer with a steelhorn made from a number ofassembled pieces instead of acast iron horn in one piece madeby casting.The latter, a non-standard itemonly produce on commission,requires a specific blueprint anddesign and the making of awooden model. In the case of the steel “arm”,only one piece needs to be madein the case of substitution (a realsaving…).Finally, when specially designedhorns are required for specialstitching jobs, this type ofcomponent can still be made atan inferior cost and time respectto the traditional system.The Idea means it is nowpossible to make horns that,thanks to their design, can eitherbe used as supplied or modifiedby substituting some of theirparts to carry out production runsthat range from traditionalfootwear models to the moreoutlandish lines.