Lockstitch sole sewing machine 3000 TS

Lockstitch sole sewing machine, for big industries, with shuttle threadloading by a continuous and automatic feeding (NTS system),- with a new MULTIFUNCTION OPERATOR PAN TOUCH SCREEN.

The lockstitch sole sewing machine mod. 3000 TS adopts the new patented system of automatic thread loading(no more bobbin) that allows to decrease and optimize considerably the daily working time. The time spent to control the thread quantity still in the bobbin caseand its replacement (as well as its loading) is cancelled, with a considerable save of about 1 hour and a half out of the 8 daily working hours.Exclusively designed to meet the big companies expectations, the machine is suitable for the stitching of any type of sole whatever kind of material they arecomposed with. The new type of interchangeable horns, which replacement has been made easier and quicker thanks to a special patented whirl-drive system,confers flexibility and simple handling upon the machine which besides the traditional Blake stitching of any type of footwear, including hard leg boots of 550 mmheight can also perform the lateral stitching (Opanka) of wall-sole shoes for man, women and children.

The new lockstitch sole sewing machine Mod. 3000 TS assembles currently a multifunction operator’s panel with an incorporated display and with aknob for increase/decrease data (see the photo), which permits:
To set up rapidly the quantity of thread to be loaded through six recalling keys; to display and to set up the temperatures of the different heated zones
To monitor and to modify very simply and quickly every functional parameter (also to satisfy the requirements of the customer).
To check, step by step, the working schedule of the machine displaying the right or the malfunction (the display will show to the operator how to solve the eventual problem) .
To continue any how the working phase, leaving out some devices or components temporarily malfunctionning or damaged..
To choose different, personalized working programs.