Lockstitch sole sewing machine F 30

Double thread sewing machine, heavy head, tolockstich box soles of shoes – closed ankle boots.

F30 – High output rotary hook action stitching to sew up to10 pairs of shoes without changing the bobbin. The possi-bility of stitching with 1,2 mm braided thread, the opportu-nity of making stitches up to 13 mm of lenght and adjustingfrom the outside the stitch lenght are the features that marksthe new rotary hook action box soles lockstitcher mod. F30.Double feeding foot and needle ensure a constant lenghtof stitch. The horizontally floating horn supports the hook,and has a special profile to make sewing around the toeand heel areas easy, even on closed ankle boots. Elec-tronic stitch by stitch motor with variable speed drive andup and down positioning of the needle. Pneumatic leaftingof the foot machine. Very easily used by female opera-tors.

The machine corresponds to CENORMS. On demand:

•Pneumatic horn motion device