Lockstitch sole sewing machine F585 - F585 TS

Two threads lockstitch sole sewing machine Blake – Opanka for medium, big companie.
Designedly planned to meet the great industries requirements, the new 2-thread stitching machine mod.F585 is suitable for the stitching of any type of soles whatever kind of material they are composed of. The new type of interchangeable horns, whose replacement has beenmade easier and quicker by means of a special patented whirl-drive system, confers flexibility and simple handling on the machine which besides the traditional stitching (Blake) of any type of footwear, including hard leg boots of 550 mm of height, can also perform the lateral stitching (Opanka) of wall-sole for man, women and children.

Adopts a brushless motor of new generation and a panel touchscreen colour 4.3″ that it makes easy to use the machine, ensuring the control of multiple parameters as speed, oil, motor control, different temperatures, emergencies, faults and more. in this way, the machine has the opportunity ‘to receive documents (pdf, photos, video) and technical assistance directly on the machine, allowing the operator to intervene in a fast and simple way. innovative system to unlock-lock all panels in a fast, easy and safety way for ordinary maintanance.